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Water Ecology - Truck Wash Contractor | Wash Dynamics


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It’s not just about the environment. Ecological Water Solutions involve managing regulatory compliance and oversight, providing significant utiltity cost savings and being a good corporate neighbor. Big brother is looking over our shoulders more intently every day, add to that the financial pressure of growing utility and compliance costs, Water Ecology just makes good sense.

Leverage Wash Dynamics to:

  • Recycle and Reuse 80-90% of Wash Water
  • Improve Chemical Efficacy up to 25% with Conditioned Source Water
  • Provide Spot Free Image Presentation with Filtered Rinse Water.

Wash Dynamics supplies custom Water Ecology Systems to maintain your local environmental health, keep big brother at bay and make your CFO happy.


Water Conditioning

Conditioned Source Water
equals Maximum Wash Efficiency

Water Recycling

Cost Savings while increasing regulatory satisfaction- what’s not to like?

Water Filtration

The Finishing Touch in Modern Wash System Technology


There are multiple reasons to use softened water in your truck wash or trailer wash system. Most importantly, hard water impedes the cleaning process, reducing chemical efficacy- adding costs through higher use of wash chemicals. Hard water is tough on equipment and in some cases scale and mineral build-up can cause a complete system malfunction if not managed properly. Eliminate both of these issues, as well as others with a complete water softening solution, custom sized to accommodate any scope of vehicle wash system.

  • Chemical Savings- The ROI here far outweighs the cost of not having a water conditioning system
  • Effective prevention of scale and mineral build up- functional enemies in any wash system
  • Trouble Free Operation- Water softeners are easy to maintain and manage.





Fleet Image demands high levels of wash system performance. Reverse Osmosis Filtration removes dissolved solids from source water to deliver a "Spot-Free" finishing touch. Why invest in a high quality wash system if your local water rinse leaves things spotted on completion? Complete yoru wash program with modern technology and maximize your brand presence with a perfect finish. Wash Dynamics provides the finest in R/O system technology.

  • Glass, chrome and painted areas dry perfectly spot-free
  • Minimizes labor – No more towel drying vehicles
  • Automatic membrane flush – Prolongs membrane life
  • On-Board TDS Monitor – Measures incoming and product water quality
  • Automatic backflushing enhanced carbon filter





Water Recycling Equals Cost Savings. Water recycling offers solid payback in addition to alleviating governmental or other local "green" pressures. Typical capabilities can approach 90% reclaim percentage. Wash Dynamics also sources closed loop systems for zero effluent wash potential.

  • Compact Design- Easy to Place and Integrate
  • Save as much as 90%: Increase your Bottom Line
  • Automatic Operation
  • System Feedback Defines Performance
  • Eliminates Expensive Disposable Filters
  • Minimal Maintenance Required