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Air Delivery Systems


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Don't fall into the piston or rotary screw compressor game.
Consistent Wash Operations require reliable performance.
Quiet, efficient and robust, Rotary Vane Compressors
outperform the rest of the field, are energy efficient
and are available with a 10 year warranty.



Vehicle Wash Systems require components driven or modulated by high pressure air. Traditional air delivery solutions, while certainly capable, entail older technology and additional expense with mechanical issues and extra energy costs. Wash Dynamics represents primary Air Compressor Manufacturers including Champion, Quincy and Ingersol Rand.  Wash Dynamics also is proud to represent Mattei Compressors- the leader in Rotary Vane Technology. Find out how the advanced engineering of Mattei can save you time and unnecessary expense. Mattei Air Solutions are well known in heavy industrial environments and are nicely suited in the demanding Vehicle Wash Environment.

Twelve Reasons Why Mattei Rotary Vane Compressors are Simply YOUR Best Value for Compressed Air

Mattei Rotary vane compressors have been designed and manufactured since 1958 to offer proven performance with over 500,000 units operating in all conditions and environments throughout the world.

Mattei Rotary vane compressors are direct coupled to the electric motor (without belts or gearbox) through a machined bell-housing. This direct-coupled design ensures perfect alignment of the compressor and motor eliminating the maintenance and noise associated with sheaves, belts or gears. Further, there are no bearing side loads, horsepower losses or slippage common with v-belt drives.
Mattei Rotary vane compressors operate at a rotational speed of only 1,750 RPM- or less. Competitive rotary screw compressors operate at male rotor speeds of from 2,500 to 9,000 RPM. The lower rotating speeds of a rotary vane compressor mean longer bearing and airend life - evident with Mattei’s Revolutionary 10 Year Warranty.

Mattei Rotary vane airends do not use ball or roller bearings which ensure catastrophic airend damage in the event of bearing failure. Bearing failure in rotary screw compressors generally allow the male and female rotor to make contact resulting in major damage to the rotors, shafts, and stator housing.

Mattei Rotary vane air compressors operate without any axial forces on the bearings to result in airend life of 100,000 to 150,000 hours of real running time – at least 2x to 3x the airend life of a comparable rotary screw. Note: this is not a B-10 or L-10 bearing failure life rating, but true running hours in operation. Axial thrust is produced in all rotary screws, shortening bearing life and causing problems with roller and ball bearings. This axial load is the weakest point of all rotary screw compressors.
Mattei Rotary vane compressors have only two shell type white-metal Babbitt bushings, and therefore major overhauls cost less than half the price of comparably sized rotay screw air compressors, which can have up to seven or eight bearings.

Mattei Rotary vane compressors self-adjusting vanes mean no decrease in output with increase in age; 100% output is maintained for the life of the compressor. The Meehanite® iron vanes are the heart of our airends and are backed by our Revolutionary 10 Year Warranty against wear or defect under normal operating conditions.
Mattei Rotary vane air compressors’ integral design utilizes only two oil line connections and one air line connection, unlike most rotary screw compressors which can have upwards of fourteen connections for lubrication and control lines. Minimizing these connections reduces oil leakage and results in cleaner, more serviceable equipment.

Mattei Rotary vane’s unique modulating control system accurately matches compressor supply to air system demand, resulting in fluctuations in plant air pressure of only 4-5 psig. Constant pressure means improved equipment performance and substantial energy savings.

Mattei Rotary vane’s cartridge type coalescing oil separator elements offer the lowest oil carry-over figures in the industry…less than 1 – 3 PPM. Rotary vane compressors use a multilevel internal separation system before the vapor is ever introduced into the separators. This increases their performance and explains the oil separator element’s 10,000 hour nominal service life.
Mattei Rotary vane’s lower noise levels mean better working conditions and improved worker morale. Open-frame ERC Series offers noise levels as low as 70 db(A), whereas our AC, OPTIMA or MAXIMA Series’ are in acoustic enclosures delivering noise levels as a low as 65 db(A).

Mattei Rotary vane compressors are sold through a worldwide network of approved and trained distributors supported by a large, readily available inventory of parts, air ends, and complete compressors.

Get Your Last Air Compressor First. Get a Mattei.