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CorroDyne Corrosion Mitigation System


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Road Salt Residue Compromising Fleet Equipment?
Fight Back with Wash Dynamics' CorroDyne System.
The only chloride mitigation program available that will
effectively manage large scale Fleet Corrosion Protection

Proven Multi-Stage System Excels in Fighting Corrosion. Neutralize Chlorides and Protect your Fleet!

Magnesium and Calcium Based Super Salts are wreaking havoc on Rust Belt Fleets. Protect your equipment with CorroDyne, Wash Dynamics' automated undercarriage wash and treatment system. CorroDyne mitigates the negative impact of chloride residue not neutralized or removed in a typical large vehicle wash environment. Beginning with a focused rinse process that removes bulk contaminants, the CorroDyne System automatically applies CorroSolv, Wash Dynamics' specialized chemical neutralizer. This process releases and removes stubborn chlorides from the vehicle, protecting running-gear and undercarriage components. Additional chemical applications of FleetShield Corrosion Inhibitor are then sequenced based upon particular equipment requirements.

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CorroDyne Corrosion Knockdown System

The CorroDyne Chloride Knockdown System automates the neutralizing and protection process, providing a vast throughput advantage when compared to manual application processes. Is your road equipment left exposed due to manual programs that cannot handle a large fleet scenario? CorroDyne Systems can process over 100 units a day- at pennies on the dollar when maintenance and repair costs are considered. If you haven't considered a proactive corrosion mitigation approach due to a large fleet, CorroDyne provides the platform to accomplish this effectively. Consider the ongoing costs of leaving your fleet untreated and exposed to the constant barrage of road salts and corrosion. Why not control the issue and put a cap on maintenance costs necessitated by run away corrosion

Costs due to Corrosion have exploded due to modern road salt programs, and expecting calcium and magnesium chloride residues to be washed away with your current wash system is unrealistic. These dissolved magnesium and calcium salts are stubborn, chemically attaching to affected equipment and not effectively removed with standard detergents or water.

Did you know that chloride corrosion is not just seasonal? Chloride treatments don't simply dissolve off a road surface. Over time, the residue will be kicked up and attach as dust to the undercarriage and body of your equipment- the humidity in the air provides enough of a catalyst for corrosion to start and impact fleets year round. The CorroSolv solution is formulated specifically to attack and neutralize these chlorides; winter, spring, summer and fall. Chlorides are are then easily removed from fleet equipment with the additional rinse step of the system.

Neutralizing chlorides and removing them from the equipment is just part of the picture. Once the salt residue is solubilized and rinsed, the CorroDyne system then applies FleetShield, a corrosion inhibitor that will help protect equipment until the next wash cycle. 

CorroDyne is modular in design: it can be integrated into any existing large vehicle wash system, configured as a stand alone system, or included and coordinated as a component of a new Exterior Truck Wash Installation. CorroDyne is what the name implies- a dynamic system composed of automated hardware components coupled with custom chemical formulations. The combination of each is defined expressly for particular installations and customized based upon environmental, fleet and corporate needs. American made with the finest equipment elements, CorroDyne is an effective tool to combat the environmental destruction of fleet components. 

Wash Dynamics also provides effective recapture processes in those localities impacted by municipal oversight. Talk about a Catch-22, the states and localities lay this stuff down all over the place, and in the same breath say you can't wash it off to drain into the sewer? Don't get caught in this environmental trap- Wash Dynamics provides waste water processing systems that will treat and capture contaminants, keeping your facility out of the cross-hairs of the water control folks. We understand the environmental issues from the governmental standpoint and work proactively to insure these issues are effectively covered.

Contact Us to learn more about CorroDyne, CorroSolv, and FleetShield, or to schedule a consultation.