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Wash Dynamics | Truck Wash | Fleet Corrosion Prevention


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Exterior Wash

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Corrosion Protection


  • Top US Manufacturers
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Recognized Industry Expertise
  • Distribution Center Specialists
  • Custom Installation Configurations
  • Chemical capability far above industry standard
  • Experience honed by hundreds of successful wash installations

Wash Dynamics represents the pinnacle of available expertise in the heavy vehicle wash industry. We've traveled North America performing installations that set the reference standard for Quality. Moving beyond simple plug and play, our mechanical expertise can be brought to bear in custom or difficult situations. We work with each of our manufacturers to insure the customer solution is correct, delivered as expected and performs above design parameters. Most of all, our distributed service model insures your operational capability is a key consideration in a long term relationship- we are interested in your business now, and ten years from now.

If you are adding or revamping your truck wash, bus wash, trailer washout or any other large vehicle wash system; evaluate our services, call our customers, and make the choice that will maximize your investment. Wash Dynamics provides only the finest equipment and utilizes proven technological advancements including networked operation and diagnosis capability. Do you need a custom heavy vehicle wash system? Our development expertise can be leveraged to your advantage. Oil or Gas rig equipment washes, stacked interior wash units for livestock operations, hybrid wash installations to cover varied wash targets are all in our scope of performance.

If you need truck, bus or train wash chemicals or trailer sanitizer chemicals, rely on our custom blends to provide the wash efficiency you expect. Our precise chemical metering methods will increase the ROI for the entire wash system. Sketchy or unfocused chemical set-up is the death knell for wash effectiveness- maximize productivity with Wash Dynamics.

We evaluate your needs, define expectations, and deliver results.

WASH DYNAMICS: Maximum Customer Focus, Maximum Contract Performance, Maximum ROI.